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January 15, 2011

How to compile ASP.NET site into one DLL

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Never did it before, I thought it would be quite easy, with one click, but appears that there is no such functionality in Visual Studio (unless I missed it?). Fortunately, Microsoft made Visual Studio Web Deployment Projects, which make this part of life easier! Here the steps:

1. Download and install Visual Studio Web Deployment Projects:



2. Open Visual Studio, open your web site, as you normally do

3. Run menu Build -"Add Web Deployment Project"

4. Put the name you like, set location to desired folder

5. Right-click on just created project, Property pages, in output assemblies make sure that "Merge all outputs to a single assembly" selected

6. While deployment project selected in Solution explorer – go to menu Build and run Build <deployment project name>

7. Wait some time while it compiles, then check content of deployment project folder

January 10, 2011

How to export table’s rich text to Word

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In Access 2007 and 2010 you can set Memo field property Text format to Rich Text and start entering formatted text there.


But if you export that table to Word RTF file – you lost all formatting. In order to keep formatting – make an export to HTML Document, and then you can open it in Word, and perhaps save as RTF.


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